Earrings were most often amulets. From the Latin amuletum, probably related to the Arabic "hamalet", meaning "that which separates". It's an object worn on the body that is believed to bring good luck or protection. Since prehistoric times, humans have worn talismans to ward off the evil eye. It is also an object common to all civilisations, whatever their origin.

Designer of antique, archaeological and contemporary earrings

 Eros Earrings


Pair of earrings decorated with Eros, angel holding a bow, 24K gold.

Eros, the god of love and creative power in Greek mythology, is depicted as an angel holding a bow, quiver and arrows. He thus embodies a dual meaning, both mystical and sensual.


Greece, Hellenistic period, second half of the 1st millennium BC




 Mummy Earrings


Earrings based on a mummy necklace, made from blue-turquoise tubular beads. Mounted on a triple strand of 18k gold.


Egypt, Ptolemaic period, 323 to 30 BC




Grains of gold

Earrings with pendants stylising grains of gold.

18 K gold.

Roma, 63 to 300 AD

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I create top of the range jewellery from antiques and archaeological finds from civilisations thousands of years old. They come from French and European collections, and are assembled by hand using traditional skills. Timeless, fashionable pieces. A rare, precious and unique piece of jewellery.