For the pleasure of your eyes, are some pieces that are no longer available for sale, but that I invite you to discover, because some of them were so rare. As with human beings, some leave more lasting impressions and memories than others. In particular, I remember this blue Roman glass token, the forerunner of our theatre tickets, which I found very hard to part with! Or this fire-breathing dragon breastplate button, which became a superb ring. Or Sekmet, the lion goddess, whose magnificent blue colour was dazzling three thousand years ago. Other objects are less flamboyant, more discreet, but what a thrill to hold them in the palm of your hand: like these bronze bracelets, worn by a child who lived in the Iron Age, or these earrings worn by a woman from the time of Alexander the Great.  In all humility, but with the acute awareness of contemplating a fragment of eternity, I feel like a lucky passer-by.

Exceptional, antique and archaeological jewellery already sold